This is the official website of Whorlton and Westwick Parish Council. We are a civil parish, consisting of approximately 240 registered voters.

We have a Neighbourhood Plan in relation to Whorlton:

Future meetings and available agendas can be viewed in the Meetings Page. Whorlton and Westwick Parish Council will publish minutes of the past meetings as soon as they are agreed by the Council.

Whorlton and Westwick Parish Council is the local authority responsible for the protection of Whorlton Village Green. There are bollards positioned around the perimeter of the various sections of the village green. Please note that if your vehicle causes damage to any of these bollards, we will seek compensation for the cost of repairing the damage. There are standard repair costs: £70 to replace a bollard; and £40 to reseat a bollard in an upright position.

We also have a children’s play area, located behind the village hall.